Every company needs a website, however websites are expensive and you may not have a budget to do this! So how can you get an affordable website?

The most cost effective way is to do it yourself. This may seem like a discouraging task, but you may be surprised at how easy it is do. Some of the biggest companies are also doing their own website design instead of hiring web companies. 4U Media offers on online Tool called SitePad to help you create your own professional mobile compatible website. It may seem daunting at first, but in a few minutes you will be designing like a pro. If you are used to computer programs like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, then this will be a breeze.

Designing websites is enjoyable

Once you know your way around SitePad, this will become like a fun hobby and you will enjoy becoming a web designer. Let your creative juices flow. Who knows where you can take it? Some people have found it so easy and enjoyable that they have started a second business as web designers. You could do the same with your family and friends websites.

Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to use SitePad to create your website

Gettng an affordable website is not much work

4U Media offers you the option of taking a ready built website with SitePad, which is called a theme and change it to your own. All website themes are professionally laid out and mobile compatible which is now a requirment for the Google search engine. We will also register your own personal domain name for free and host the website for you. We can also transfer your current domain name. There are over hundreds of themes to choose from various industries. Have a look at some of themes which you can make your website look like. DEMO THEMES. You will be given a control panel (called Cpanel) to create email accounts, view your statistics and there is a whole lot more you can do in the control panel.

Why Design The Website Yourself?

The main reason is the obvious one - You can save tons of money. To create a simple website today can cost anything between R2500 - R6000. That's just for the design and layout. You may still have to pay for domain registration and website hosting fees. At 4U Media we include all of this in your monthly bill. By designing the website yourself you do not have to outlay vast amounts of cash. The other big reason is TOTAL CONTROL. You have total control off the information. You can update the website as often as you like and whenever you want to. There is no need to send a request and wait for the designer to do it and of course there will be an update fee. If you are the designer there's no need to worry about update costs.

We are here to help you create your professional website?

You are not alone. We are here to answer any of your questions. We will guide you on how you can optimise your website for best results in search engines like Google. If you require any help and support.

What's the Cost?

We have dropped the price on our starter package to help you get started to designing your own affordable and professional website. For a low monthly fee of R99 R79 per month you can be on your way to becoming a web design pro. Believe in your abilities and take the next step.